A poem to my friend 8-15-2015, by beautyisinside Subscribe to rss feed for beautyisinside

Even though your gone.  I miss you more and more each day.
Your were my friend and the day you died I wanted to cry but
no tears would come.  I was dying inside though.  I wanted
to be able to talk to you one last time.  I wish their was
things you would have known.  Who knew I would never get the
chance.  We shared many things and helped each other at
times but then our friendship grew rocky and before I knew
it their was a space in my heart where you used to be.  I
hope your up in heaven dancing around.  I miss you my
friend.  I wish you could come back and get a second chance.
Posted: 2015-08-17 06:00:10 UTC

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