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My town, my kingdom lost over one night.
Over my appeal of a strange tempted massacre.
I was once build home was no match to the bible warns.
Out cast with my demolishing flesh body,
I dig the graves and the tombs of something left,
the thing not a believe of possible for evil.
The thing that can cover my wounds and scars,
for me keep the faith of hope that one mothers decent.
That one strong hold of fathers accuracy.
From the dead town, to worm whole, to crypt maze, then to
loved by those yet mothers.
My bones meant for the mile stone in time of Jesus name.
My keep always with me till I am over ghost ghoul.
And like once upon a time again.
My friends are my lucks of mergence found.
I will meet her over time once the king exorcist.
To bring my home town and city back in bless grace.

Posted: 2015-05-12 08:27:47 UTC

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