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Why uncertain, if lack of Judgement.
I am here to please you..
All cases after Judgement are settled for a home.
I am asking to have love..
The people who are the hardest to love are the ones who need
it the most.
Please spend time find him or her an interest to do with no
sexual desires.
Never let one spoil or depress by alone of loneliness.
Like learn to read either from words or acts.
Never judge of illness.
Guide them to know what are not to do and what are
When the temptation can not be hold, its time to be with
self and with God in self own room.
All problems came from lusts and temptation.
We know better to trust each other not to lust and tempted.
For we did repentance not in pride or depress but on truth.
The generation came from God.
Lovers came from God as well.
We should consider either give birth by the give of God or
the miracle of holy to have a child.
Money is for to buy sits and readings as a trademark that
The foods are supported by humble and kindness to humble and
Let nature's no mercy to damn sin, let nature's mother and
father love to have God to heal the wounds by repentance.
We all have trust and have no doubts for we are equal the
same have no pride and depress, which means we do not love
the world, and love God.
We live the same but the life is unique which made the
difference of each day.
For i now i beg and please God,
Be in my home,  Be in those who needs you God, tell me what
to do.  Show me of your spirit.  Jesus is on TV let us know
where he was for chances knowing to meet him, to serve him,
to guide by him to kingdom of God meet those remembrance,
and home again with love of her and the holy spirit for next
happiness to meet him again.  I beg for this days.  Thank
you.  Thanks.

Posted: 2014-11-30 21:29:24 UTC

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