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We are waiting for the Judgement day, for God to reveal our
life's partner.
For now we support,
To live a life of an eternal partnership:
-Take care of each other, and help each other's daily
necessity which has no third party involve.
-Its an idea of Adam and Eve obey God.
-Or a single mother with her daughter's eternal
-Or a single father with his Son's eternal relationship.
-We treasure the partner's equality.
-We do record life of partnership is perfect and lasts
-Partnership is relative to God's Holy divine without third
opinion to serve God as to each other everyday.
-We believe love is one direction to another's destination. 
The third party is to praise God, and the lord Jesus
-If a single individual yet have a partner, we consider its
a case of on wait of the Judgement.  Or simply as the
supporter of God's passenger which live by God command.

Posted: 2014-08-06 08:53:08 UTC

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