Clouded Judgement , by *Psychopathic Child* Subscribe to rss feed for *Psychopathic Child*

In the beginning 
We had fun
Laughed at everything
Acted as one

Though deep down I knew
You've been broken inside
By all those around you
Believed you were left behind

Thought I could help you
Since that's not who I was
Assumed I had a clue
But then you showed you claws

You say I'm cheating
That I need to stop
Yet, I never started
So how do you propose I stop

Your accusation kept coming
Worse then the times before
Your making me so withdrawn
I can't handle much more

My judgement was clouded
To the man I fell for
But now pain is surrounded
There's nothing left anymore
Posted: 2017-09-01 22:57:26 UTC

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