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Prostitutes are consider the poor.  Their housing can be
supported small.  Food stamp or low wage pay by tax can be
Through knowledge and schooling, men should better know
about their value status by the homework they have done. 
Eventually they find the race of their own and their money
originated.  And start from that, some have chance to be a
governor to be voted or dwell in media, some have the chance
to work on an eternal job by interest, some have the chance
to be religious for the focus of answers not arguments,
answers often came from experience.  
Always the rich give chance to the middle to be rich, the
middle give chance to the poor be no more poor.  This is the
way love follows.
A country have no prostitutes is a great achieve.  Jesus
hope the lust to repentance.  To True love have no
temptation to be together.

Posted: 2013-08-19 08:32:27 UTC

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2013-08-25 20:05:05Kissmyassandcallmesally
I like the understanding you convey.