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The eve you turned sixteen
A lesson was to be learned
Didn't know what was coming
Then set in the burn

Your body feels strange
Illuminated by the full moon
Collapsed in anguish 
The pain will be over soon

You scream in agony
Your body goes hot
Can't control the transition
But still you fought

Your eyes turn to orange
You don't understand
Your shape starts to change
Fate is at hand

In the midst of turning
Your mind goes astray
Showing your family history
Of why its that way

Your a creature of the night
Humanity still within you
Compelled to transform 
But you knew what to do 

Your transition is complete
Shades of exquisite gray
Captivating orange eyes
Everything is okay
Intoxicated with freedom
A wolf is what you've become
When the sun or moon rises
Your destiny has begun

Posted: 2017-09-17 06:17:51 UTC

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