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We were laying on my bed
the happiest place in the world
but i saw in in my head
you were with another girl
i couldnt be jealous, i couldnt be mad
considering you were something i never had
i could live in that lie
id be happy like that
look into my eyes
cant you see that

Fire, that burning flame of desire
so easily made so easily killed
there something in your eyes
it has my body filled
with the burn of your lies
you tell me what i want to hear
but thats not all i need
inside me theres this fear
that ill scream until i bleed
from this undying need
of you and your ways
please say youll stay

Fire, it's that burning flame of desire.
On one end it's love and heart.
To ache when we're apart.
I can feel the burn of your lies,
But there's no trace of it in your eyes.
Every time I look I'm blind,
But there's something else I need to find.
On the other end it's heat.
One act clean and neat.
Where you don't have to be kind.
Where I just want your body on mine.
That pleasure and that pain
From which we both gain.
An act that's never in vain.

So we layed there at the mercy of the moon just watching the
clouds drift. The light danced off our dresses, and we
laughed into the wee hours of the morning. Talks of life and
love filled my head as I watched that first beam of sunlight
bring color back into the sky. I will remember this fifty
years from now. I will remember the night I learned to laugh
out loud, live in the moment, and love with all your heart.
Posted: 2010-04-05 03:58:59 UTC

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