Metamorphosis, by Faith Subscribe to rss feed for Faith

I feel so rushed
I feel so crushed
As if I'm about to choke
And my existance will
Do nothing to fill
The empty words I spoke

I feel so alone
I feel so prone
To living a useless life
What's wrong with me
Why can't I see
All the pain and strife

I feel so scared
I feel so snared
In an inescapable trap
What can I do
To get to You 
And find the things I lack

I'm against the wall
About to fall
Or will I take the leap
Take the plunge
Take a lunge
Becoming fully complete

Posted: 2009-10-09 07:26:01 UTC

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2008-12-21 04:20:05!!! A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD !!!