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2006-03-09 22:07:09 (GMT)

JuSt Go AwAy

Finds me in the room alone,
walks over and sits down on the floor,
looks up at me as i ignore her.
just go away.
asks how i'm feeling.
(just damn fucking fine)
what ever, just go away.
nodds her head and sighs my name out loud she speaks,
"Don't cry." 
I tell her i'm not,
but when i reach up my hand to feel my face 
i bring it back damp.
"I'm fine." 
The whispers more for me then her,
learned to live without comfort in the past. 
Futurs to clouded for me to see,
and here she remians, just sittting with me.
"Do you love him?" She asks.
just shut up and just go away.
I'm used to them leaving.
the mysterious they.
Brushes her hair back and stands,
leaving like i knew she would.
by by friend, hope your life works out just damn great.
lost in the stars outside my window,
purple clouds and blue sunsets. 
turns back at me once and frowns.
"You sure you're okay?" 
"I never said that." 
grunts as i shrug off her worry. 
"You know," 
just go away. 
"I'm sorry."
shrug off her words like they're nothing,
inside i'm breaking, 
cracking like glass.
on the surface i've purpose, but inside i'm nothing.
Drawing back my hand, won't give it anymore,
sick of waiting for someone to take it.
all the ones i thought were there were fake.
just go away.
you're good at that, everyone is.
only one who tries is B. 
Miss my sister so much, cuz she's the only one who gets me.
Don't know what they do, 
what i feel,
what i lie about...
never going to trust them enough with what i keep locked 
door shuts with a snap behind her back,
left me alone like i wanted.
nothing left to distract me from the emptiness. 
you suck.
just go away.
twin who i'm suppossed to have is missing.
lost and alone i'm sitting in the dark by that damn window.
can feel the breath begin to leave...
air fogging the window so that i can't see...
tears come and fall, stained orange...
just go away...
Posted: 2006-03-09 23:33:00 UTC

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2006-04-03 11:57:08♥Just Sam♥
so many sentence fragments...