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The poems i write are how a i feel and wot im goin throw. x
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Did you mean what you said? 1
Will it ever happen?
My truth
Not jealous! 2
Chrissie xx 1
I can write it down.. 1
The Closet One To You 1
Confused! x 1
Mum and Dad! x
Im Not Lyke You!
The Fair xx 1
I just wanted you to know! 1
Sit here and think 1
Lyfe is a game! 1
Bitching 2
Its time 6
One More Night 2
Ended Bliss 2
he was...
A new day.
My Angel .x. 1
Not My Type
Just an ordianry day 1
You x
Friends x
Hope has wings .x. 2
Not want to be .x.
love again. x 3
Will miss you all. x 1
what can i say?!! x
Well basicaly...
If you were mine..
Your my little secret... 2
Uncle Bob - I Love You. xx 1
Anything For Love. x
Game Ended.