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i am 17 and i dont reallie know what to put here i lo0ve to write... wo0rds are my life!!! hope u all like my stuff let me know leave a comment...
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Taunia & Kenny
first time in a long time (Ian) 2
Pedistole (Ian) 1
intentions and addictions (Logan) 1
never thought 6
after (Ian)
untitled (Ian)
untitled (Brad)
reflections of yo0u (Dylan Allenby) 1
the cost (brad)
after effect (suicidal memories) 82
fallen>?>? 1
unnamed (Dylan Allenby)
last goodbyes 1
Rape 3
be there
Tell me
untittled (2008) 81
i took down my hair for yo0u