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Helloooooo! My name is, as you see, Jessica. I live in the Netherlands, and I looove to write! To me, English poems are easier then Dutch poems. But whatever! Most of the poems are about things that happened in my life, in my friends lifes, or just made up. With writing I try to lurn from things. I can read my feelings over, think about it, and put it on a place in my head. So I don't have to stress about it anymore. To the rest of the people of this site: I read almost all the poems that are showed on the frontpage. I really like it! There are a lot good writers here! Lurn to love, not to stress and worry much! xxx.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
All the same 1
Bullshit 2
Ain't that special at all
Just another fool 1
Just one day
I don't wanna take my clothes off 2
Friends are there 1
Don't change
Fake, real? Twisted 2
Hello, do you wanna join' me?
She will
Forever couldn't last forever 1
Pimps are nerds
You don't have be insecure with me