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Hello and welcome! im carla. if you're reading this your about to read some of my poems. since i met the love of my life i have been finally able to write about love and happiness. but before i was with him all i could write was hate and death, if i tried to write about love or being happy it would start out like it but then all of a sudden turn into depressing wanting to die poetry. but now its like i have i can write about anything. a lil more about me... im 18, 6 foot, long blonde hair and blue eyes. ive stopped doing drugs, ill do some once in a while but not much. i smoke. i love to get drunk. i hold in my emotions and true feelings till its so much i cant take it no more and its like im a ticking time bomb ready to explode, if the littlest thing happens around me when im at my exploding point anyone near me is gonna get their head bitten off. i am very much in love with adam... hes my vampire king for life. im glad you're taking the time to read my poetry. my boyfriend thinks i should sell my poetry but its hard for me to put myself out there because my poems are my thoughts and its so hard for me to say what i feel and what im thinking so i wirite it down and i just keep writing and the following is what comes out. i hope you like it.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
you kissed me 1
the hate in me 82
closed doors
dear shawn
with you
only a memory
my heart bleeds 91
to my baby with love