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If you really want to know me, then read my poems. I'm bad at introductions, but I put myself in my poetry with more honesty then I know how to use elsewhere.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Absolute Truth 1
The Things-That-Aren't 1
Self Portrait 96
Tree 1
Dance 2
Lost 2
Aridee (This poem is an epic. That means it's long.) 94
For a Clouded Leopard 1
Mammoth Bones 2
My Words
Doorway to Nowhere
If You Could Read My Mind...
Bridges in the Clouds 1
Riddle Song
Invitation to a Sixteenth Birthday Party.
Where Magic is Made...
History Repeats Itself
Sunny Days
My Apocalypse 2
Just Words
I Knew Nothing
The Undoing
Story Teller's Warning 81
Observations of a would be actor
Written at the End of Fall
Sestina 1
Dear Beowulf, a Letter 1
Life from a Near Empty Hallway
Measuring Time
Memories from a Ninth Grade Science Class
Purple Springs 1
Los Manos
Matchbox Cars: A Moment
Modern Poetry
Still Breathing
The Moon in the River 41
I Stand in Beauty
Absurdism goes well with Peanut Butter 2
A Literary Device
That Night