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Poem title Voter rating Comments
"This Is What Happens When You Start A Journal"** 97
"Maybe I Think Prude Is Cute?"
"I Can Feel It Beating"
"I Knew I'd Have To Let You Down" 1
"Gypsi Thing's Are Cute" 1
"Now The Trend Starts Again" 73
"Sensitive Eyes, Plus" 93
"40 Dollars Went To Waste" 5
"Is There A Reason"
"Burn Everything That Reminds You Of Him" 1
"Crayola Classic"
"So, Today Was The Offical Last Day Of Summer"
"Steeling Is Cheap"
"November 9th 2005" 1
"Me and You" 2
"They Dont Know" 2
"This Is Just Another Day"