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The sun itself sees not till heavens clear.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Dave!! 3
A Love note to you.
Life (very Cheesy) 1
The Perfect One 72
I'm In Love
Out and Proud 72
Music 1
Does He 2
Crush 2
I Put A Spell On You: The Sanderson Sisters 4
Thinking of you. 91
Not there
Good-Bye 1
Walk On Water 4
Love 2
You 0.52
Life as I know
Really 1
Friends 2
A Little White Lie
A Little white Lie (it seems like nothing)
Let me!
Find a Way 2
Crushing on you no more!!
This is True
My One True LOVE
When I see you.
Do they?
Beauty Sinks to the bottom
Waste my time 1
Pain 2
Lesson in Love
Space in Heart
Kelly=Josh 1
I know I am
was it worth it
You know this. 8
A life without living is no life at all 2
Something inside 2
Escaping through the holes