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I use my poems to help me get through difficulties.I am disabled and even my own family can be of no support at times then I get misunderstood and extremely upset. The frustration that goes along with it is horrendous.Once I have wrote my feelings into a poem I feel 90% better about the whole situation. If my children see me writing a poem their initial response is "I am depressing myself again" they are too young to understand that my poetry does the opposite to me ,very much indeed. I am considerably complicated and my health changes day to day,what I am hoping to do is to start writing my poetry on good days as well as bad days then hopefully my poems will be viewed and read by a much wider spectrum of people,but for now what the reader needs to know is that the poems may read like my life is all bad and question asked how I get through? Well Its the lift I get from my love of writing poetry.WEIRED ?? Maybe,but true.
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Does anyone love me
Permanent Pain
Unkind people