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Jonathan Goldman, known Internationally as 'JGthepoet', was born in Nottingham on 16 December 1943, and moved to London in August 1950. He started writing poetry in the year 2000, when he was diagnosed with the rare, incurable skeletal muscle disease called Myasthenia Gravis. He is a Practising Jew, and has a devout Faith in the Almighty. With his Myasthenia normally controlled by a drug cocktail, he can lead a reasonable life, but has had to make certain changes to his lifestyle and hobbies, as he is not allowed any exercise or sports. With Myasthenia, the more he uses his muscles, the weaker they become. All of his poems are posted on www.poemhunter.com and also on http://www.world-poems.net and having written 500 poems has decided to stop writing. Several of his poems are of a religious nature, others of his view of the beauty of creation and of the world in which we live. Some are for friendship and peace, some in the Alphabetic and Acrostic format, and there are two very long love poems. Several of his poems are posted on other Poetry Sites. In the U.K. The Poet Laureate is a Regal Appointment, however, on the International Poetry Scene, the term "Poet Laureate" signifies recognition by fellow International Poets, and he is gratified to be so recognised. An Internet Search on the main Search Engines for "JGthepoet" will show most of his poems and where they can be found. All of his poetry is (c) Copyrighted, but an email to [email protected] for permission to publish may not be denied, but if you "Cut & Paste" any of his poetry, without permission, then Legal Action may be commenced against you for Breach of Copyright. Translating any of his poems into Languages other than English will be construed as a serious Breach of Copyright. On his 70th Birthday, he took ill and was admitted into Hospital with an infection in his foot ulcers on 7th January 2014. A MRI Scan on 9th January 2014 discovered that he had Osteomyelitis creeping up his right leg which was amputated across the knee on 31st January 2014. He left hospital on 7th April 2014 and has depicted his stay in hospital and Rehab in poetry.
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Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge UK
The Alien
Press Release