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I find it extremely hard to judge my poetry and I would really appreciate honest opinions from you concerning my poems. Why is it necessary for me to judge what I write when I enjoy writing it so much, you might ask~ Well, initially I just wrote for myself and it's only when a few people I came across said they could relate to what I wrote that I considered sharing my poems with more individuals. The fact that two of the poems I wrote touched a few people made me feel 'useful' to them. Otherwise I am too shy and lacking in confidence to open up to people through what I write. But I realize that's kinda wrong of me... If the poetry I share manages to invoke any kind of emotion in others, I should go ahead and share it instead of keeping it all to myself. However , the fact that I now want to and people around me expect me to share it with them, makes me feel..well…it makes me nervous. That being the case, I would love to hear what you have to say so that I might improve myself. Have a nice day ♥ ! oh btw , personal info: I'm 20years old & I love art.
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