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LenLen is not my first name... It's what my mom used to call me as my pet name... when I was just a stubborn, reckless, curious little girl, until I reached college and started to twirl... My dream is to travel the world... ride my buddy on highways and mountain sides and hurled... feel the wind blows against my face... savor the nature and taste that sweet, exciting place... stop over the mountain cliffs... over looking the blue clear salt water as the sea breeze whiffs... watch the sun sets on it, or stargazing at night, drink and eat... Perhaps, read my book, or just lie there on the white sand and brook... But, I'd rather make love with my dream lover, underneath the radiating moonlight amber... than feeling sorry for myself and for the human race and mope of the injustices and unfairness of this earthy grope... By: LoveLifeLen @)}------
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"Longing for my Love"
"My One and Only"
"Iloveyou..." 1
"the Enigma of my Soul"
"Ah... Love... so bitter..."
"I Lied..."
"Her Only Love"
"My Dream...( Part 1 )
"The Apotheosis"