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My name is Hannah, i'm 15 going into my sophmore year. I have been writing since i learned my abc's. I am a very emotional girl i'm shy and don't fit it anywhere at school or home so i don't talk about my feelings to any of these people i don't really trust anyone enough unless i feel like i found someone who is understanding of my feelings as i am to theirs. Therefore i write what i'm feelings down and keep them all in a hidden place. I have another account from when i was in middle school and decided to start a new one because i have changed my style in writing. I do cut and i am anerexic so if you see peoms that are talking about those then you know why. I also like to write poems about things that i've never experienced but I see them in others and try to imagine what it's like in their shoes. I hate hurting people in any way and i believe that there is something good inside of everyone even if themselves or anyone else don't see it. I have very low self esteem i am honestly the only one that i could ever hate. Thank you for stopping by and i hope you like my poems. Take care
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-10 feet under- 3
XxPoisonXx 1
**you can't run from yourself** 2
||♥There's No Escape♥|| 1
On My Way 1
Can't Break Me: I'm Already Broken 1
My Prayer: A Cry For Help 1
The Blackest Cloud I've Ever Seen.. 1