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Adrian Cox I write poems to amuse myself. I have a collection of 23 poems. The collection is called LOOK. I was born in Lincoln England on 28/4/65. I was educated at Robert Pattinson School and left in 1981. Later I studied at the Open University where I studied mathematics and got a Bachelor of Science Open degree. I currently live with my girlfriend in Nottinghamshire, where I work as a Support Worker for learning disabilities, complex needs and challenging behavior. I enjoy playing the guitar and have some videos on youtube under 'emo adi' and I have a web site at http: //
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A Black In The Eye
Broken 1
Fiendish Little Circles
Gothic Scene
Last Orders
Melancholy Turns Up
Operators Of Control 9
Sentenced To Death
Something That She Said
Sunday Night, Monday Morning
Tea Time
Perfect Patricia Plenitude
The Demise Of Spiderman And Fly Girl
The Way I'm Being Led
Thoughts And Dreams
To Utopia
University menu
Washed Up
An Old Gandma
I Have Caught Myself Out
The Hang Of Life