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My name is Nina Lashay i am always up to making new friends and i am a femail i live in the United Stated and i write for a living well... you know what i mean hopefully i will be turning 17 March 3, 2010 text me if you are interested in becoming my friend don't be scared i don't bite lol 1479-227-0591
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Today 2
I Wont Turn Away 2
Somebody 1
Untill Its Gone 1
The Truth Hurts 1
Poison Hearts 1
Dance With Me Baby 1
All Because Of You 1
Those Words 3
Im My Self 2
If Only I Could See You 1
What Will It Take For You To Notice Me Mom 2
The Pain
Whats Everything
Please Be Apart Of My Life
Fire Verse Ice
All Wishes Dont Come True
What I Saw When I Looked At You
Bad Dream 9
On A Scale From One To Ten 1
My Love, My Love 1