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hey thanks everyone for reading my poems!! my name is charlene and i am 18 years of age!!! keep leavin me comments i like to read them!!!
Poem title Voter rating Comments
my heart 2
pain 1
The way it is 5.51
i will always 81
who am i? 2
i still love u 51
stand alone 6
gettin deeper
livin a lie!!! 2
slipping back!!
only a dream!! 1
wanting what u cant get!! 1
the different one!! 1
i never had it in the first place!!! 1
open up your eyes! 4
wonder why? 1
its all f***ed up!!! 2
maybe one day!
no one will see!
easy or hard? 2
open me up! 1
the love is gone!
standing by! 2
starting to find!! 1
hunni 2
i know....
hurt! 42
happy x-mas hunni!!
is it or is it not?
two sides!!!
just a mask 1
life..... 1
left alone!!!
some how 1
i dont know 2
like the rest!
best mate! 9