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I am a single mother. I am 46 years old. I have one daughter, Kristen who is 23. I have one granddaughter, Genevieve who is 3. I started writing poetry in March of 2008. All of my poems are my true emotions and feelings. They come from my heart and soul. I believe in Destiny and Fate.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Destiny 1
Kismet 2
Christmas Is To Me 1
My Passionate Lover 1
Amore 1
Maybe? 1
Someday 2
Only Me
My Only Love 1
Love, Where Are You? 1
What Love Means 91
Love From Within 72
The Season Of Chirst's Loving 1
When Love Will Appear 9
Forever Love 22
Forever And Always 5
What I Yearn For
Love Is To Me
Love That's Complete 1
For Genevieve, My Grandbaby 1
For Calico, My Baby Kitten, May You Rest In Peace
Roses 92
To Love Me, Or Love Me Not
In Memory Of Butterscotch 1
Sweet Love Nectar 2
A Desire So Special 2
My Chance For Romance 1
Spring Snow 2
Lovers Under The Covers 91
My Crush 1
For My Mother 2
Sunset On The Lake
My Wish From Afar
My Constant Desire 1
My New Kitty, Tippy
My Passion & Pleasure
Merry Christmas
Shawn, My Very Best Friend