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My name is Rebecca and I live in Alberta, Canada. I'm twenty four and I spend my days traveling. I'm not into traditional poetry at all. Rules about words and syllables can't let me say what I want to, so everything I write is original and unbound. They aren't all pretty, but neither is life. I hope you like what you read and I'm glad I can relate to so many people about the simplest things in life.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Sickness 2
Truth 1
Valentine's Day 1
Rise Above It All 2
Crackers 1
where does it end? 1
Mosh Cherry Pop 73
What is this? 1
Always 2
winter nights 1
knowing 2
The Struggle and the Strain 94
I hate this..........
i wish it were so 1
to my new lover....... 2
Reveal 1
just so 4.51