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http://fragile-xo.blogspot.com/ Im a 14 year old girl. Ive been writing poems since I was pretty small but alot more recently. I spend so much time writing my poems, I would really like to be able to do something with them but Im not sure what. Im not good at many things but poetry is something I know I can at least kind of achieve at, so I really like it. My hero and inspiration is Trent Reznor out of the band Nine Inch Nails. Most of my poems at the top of the page I wrote ages ago and, well they suck. So read the ones down the bottom. Oh and I LOVE comments :)
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Trust me Please 1
Another Broken Heart 91
Summer Bliss
In My Deathbed 3
Super Baby Anna May!!! 1
My Eyes Judged So My Heart Invstigated 1
I Wait for My Hero to Return 1
Best Friends 12
The Black Hearted
Ex-Best Friends 85
Took Off, Flew, Crashed, Burned 81
Deeper 1
Cuz I Love You 92
Life is a Lie 2
Baby I love You So 4.58
Take Me Back 1
Give me a Reason 69
Im Not Sure
Yeah I Hate You 3
In My Dreams - not finished yet 1
Right 'till the End - not finishedd. 1
Its All Fine 1
Faded Pictures. 91
My Heart 1
Everyday. 2
Ashes. 1
I didn't realise, 1
On Valentines Day. 2
I want you, 43
Crying in the Garden. 1
My Dearest Love, It Hurts is All.
Ruin Someone Elses Fairytale, 4.51
Are you feeling guilty? 1
Flightless Angel. 1
This Complicated Bullshit 2
God I hate you. 2
Like I Did Before. 91
In the night theres a disturbance.
With my heart aching.
Its only the dark, 1
The Darkness Penetrates 1
Suffering of a Breaking Heart 2
War Is Genocide 8.51
My illusion 1
I Want to be More Than Just Your Friend
Left Me For The Dark To Find
Your Where My Life Ends. 1
Cold Blooded. 93
Kiss me
Lord, 1
Just To See You Smile
Given Up
I Dont Want To Hurt Anymore 1
Poetry, 1
The Shadows Are My Friend
Without a Fucking Trace
Inside My Realm
All I Want To Do 1
I Dreamt That You Left Me, 1
I Love You. 1
Under My Bed
It Makes Me Sad 2
Over 1
Be Mine
Untitled. 1
If Eternity Is All I Get
your the cause of all her bleeding
You and I, My Vampire
This New World...
I Am. -for school.
Sorry Isnt Difficult
I Still Need You
Even Good Girls Go To Hell, 5
with blood on his teeth
one day it'll be over
Pretend Smile 93
My Dearest Little Brother
The Sandman
To Fly Away 1
Midnights Forbidden Love 1
Dreaming 93
Daddy 92
You Are My Drug
Soaring 1
With Closed Eyes
The End of the World 93
A Bed of Pale Roses 92
Can You Hear Me Yet?
As Long As We're Together 1
Punishment for Accidents
I Dont Know What To Do 9
Secret 8.33
She is Within 2