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Okay. So, basically, I'm Mysti. I'm an okay person, but I'm really an asshole. I make judgement calls off of my first time meeting you, and I don't normally feel bad for it afterward. I will tell you if I don't like you, and on here, if you don't have anything good to say about my poetry, then here's the thing: Don't read it. Okay?
Poem title Voter rating Comments
From Me To You
Left Alone
Where I'm From 2
Never Mind 1
Untitled (What's Wrong With Me?) 1
The Swimming Hole
Here Then, Gone Now. 2
Such a Flirt
So Now. 1
Her Face 81
Now and Then You're Here 1
Last Night
You Saw Right Through Me
New Punk in Town 1
I Miss You 1
Junkie 81
Leaving Town
Snap 72
Confidence 2
Your Burden Now
10 o' Clock and Waiting
Untitled Pt. II
Daddy Doesn't Like Him 1
Music 3