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i havn't been writing poems for very long, maybe six months now. i like to write about what is happening in my life at the time or something that effects me deeply. it's my way of telling the world how i feel, with out actually having to say it. i'm wiccan and have been studing it for five years now and it's what led me to look at poetry. normally i write novels for publication, but i love poetry as a side thing. i'd love to hear what you think of my poems so leave me a comment and be honest!
Poem title Voter rating Comments
My Mum.... 1
Promises 2
Years of My Life 6
Do you care? 5
Broken 2
My Fate 2
Shattered Soul 2
My World 3
Sorrow 92
Final Goodbye 2
Smiles and Laughs 82
Night Terrors 4
Pain Inside 1
Shattered Glass 4
Adventerous World