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just be honest with my poems plz they come from my heart
Poem title Voter rating Comments
my guardian angel
dave (part one)
S-U-F-F-E-R 2
behind the seat
L.O.V.E 1
rise of my little angel
As Is
the end 1
a heart in two 1
love chance 2
the person left out 2
walk alone
random 2
to my babyboo (joe rodriquez)
afraid (TO joe)
one for life
star 51
i give up
all i want
lost 1
forbidden love
this girl has changed (drama b*@&%) 4
i wish but then i dont
how i see it (in english&french)
just letting you know 2
short n point sweet
i never thought (finished)
the sunset
to my alexis perez
running from my heart
steal my heart
the girl by the window 6
my bestie
first time (thanx kodiie)
triangle love chase