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I am amateur writer . i enjoy reading alot and i write about anything i feel passionate about. i am seeking assistance to get back in school. If you enjoy my poetry and would like to make a donation as a means of encouraging me, please follow these three easy steps: ***locate any branch of United Bank For Africa PLC (U.B.A) in your neighbourhood, ***Request for a form teller and pay any charitable token into account number: 044 2120 1032 40 ***Pay into the account name of Osamuyi Okpame ***Please note that you are under “NO Obligation” to pay anything. But it should be considered voluntary and an act of charity to do so, as it is the will of Allah and the Almighty God for our being alive to this day ! May God be with you.
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Falling in love? 93
Footstool of the gods
Only like yesterday
Deep With-in Me