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Everyone has a story to tell, but it is how you tell your story that defines who you really are…. My story just happens to reveal itself through the breathtaking and inspiring world of writing. It’s a place that only you can go to within yourself and your work, your story, can only be revealed to everyone through your words. So I leave you with this…Be part of a world unscene by the human eye, but totally visible to your heart and read my story for it may just trigger one spark, who knows it could be the beginning of something unimaginable.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Friendship From Afar (Inspire by Holocaust Victims) 1
Why Can't I... 3
We Will Always Remember 1
[No Title is fit 4 this Great Story] 1
Article on Madonna.... 1
The snow Angel Watching Over Us [Story*] 1
The Power of Your Life in the Palm of my Hand....... 2
Only 20 Angels 92
Murder Through Fog.... 2
A Fading Past...
What Do I Do?
Don't know wut to call this....
This Moment