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Hi my name is Teresa im 19 years old and i enjoy poetry its a way for me to express myself and just be me without people judging me so please comment even if you hated it because i would like to be a better poet so in other words just tell me what you think thanks for reading what i write.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Am I... 83
Why Mom 88
Your Stare 2
The pain
Dazed and confused
you left me 1
Rafel (pelase comment this is about my aunt and i miss her) 1
mistaken identity 51
I miss you 93
remember 2
this will hit you where it hurts 2
Fed up!!!!! 1
stronger than hate 1
I wish i could bring you back
Lost in Love 1
Yet... 51
i wish i could bring you back...
Hmmm.... 1
i will never forget
Yesterday, today, and the never ending tomorrow 2
Home 1
Mistakes 1
the one you love 1
I still love you. 2
My Panda Bear
Black and White 2
The World of Entertainment 2
Life 1
Questions of an ex Lover 1
I am... 3
To be Relieved
Forever isnt as long as it used to be 1
isnt a word 1
You were...