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Let my poetry do the talking.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Real Live Tales of The Horrible Insect Culture 1
Gracious Injections of Sterile Infections, Not Long Lost
Specialty Recipe For Fallen Comrades Left For Dead
I'll Tell These Tales of Boredom Long Enough To Hold Attention 1
Call of The Wild, On Western Minds and Western Soil 1
Deep-Down, She's Quivering, Waiting For A Soul To Lay In 0.116
All These Tragedies Walking The Streets 2
Oh, We'll Work Our Own Way Out of This Mess
I'm The Narrator, Yet This Story Sounds Old and Boring 1
Shhh! This Is The Secret They'd Kill For 2
There's The Threat of Fire Here
Patching Up This Hole That Brings A Terrible Cold 1
Tremble Under The Weight of Dark Secrets Told 81
The Hard Truth, Told Without Qualms
Typical Monsters In Business Suit Circumstance
All The Better To Eat You With 3
The Maps I Construct Overlap To Destroy The Path We Drew
So Lipstick Doesn't Really Taste That Good When It's Lingering
Emergency! Call The Ambulance! Light This Place On Fire... 1
Superimposing Regulatory Rhetoric (Sending Signals)
We Just Like To Kid Ourselves
Better Off With Prentending, If The Real Thing Won't Come Close
The Pieces Fall In Place, But The Debate Remains The Same
Come, Routine With Me 1
Namely, This Needs To Remain Our Little Secret 1
Polishing My Ideas Just To Throw Yours Away
Watchmen Watching Winter Weather Patterns
United Front
So Throw Me A Few Fate-Inspired Lines To Cover
The Powers That Provide
Ultimate Getaway Plans and Understatements 71
Setting Traps In A Relational Context
Rerun The Episode Rerun The Episode
Telepathy and It's Just Like A Movie
Just Get Out of My Head
Tragic Sand Castles
Songs That Make You Feel All Gushy and Mushy Inside
Quality Control Logistics
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh No! We're Talking For Real This Time
All We Ever Have Is A Hope
Good Intentions 1
Inversion and Fiction We Believe In 1
Lollipop Vanity
Poison Of The Devil Vigilante 31
Simple Sentences 1
So Young and Delicate, She Was 1
A Mask For Two
Passion Pairing Nicely
Galavanter 1
Travel and Teardrops
Pill You
Ordinary Means of Transportation
Tryst With Her Highness
Dread In Your Head, Dreams In Your Schemes 1
Part of The Problem
Proof of Purchase
It's All Just A Mess, Anyway
Pictures Provided
Tragedy Outbound Illness
Boring Boring Boring (But Say It Again?)
The Vigil
Your Plane Is Boarding
Lurking Around
Reap The Benefits (Degenerate)
Details and Facts (Knick Knacks)
Regulation Issue
Didn't You Know This Already? 1
...To See Through You
Fifty Percent (Or More) 1
Where To Start?
Talk About Something Else, Maybe?
Hey Heaven!
Therapy Session
Madness or Melody? 1
The Tremendous Wait 1
The Infuriating Silence 8
Herself or Someone Else
Treasure Island (So Pick One)
No Solutions, Yet
Literally 1
Figures of This Fighting
Find My Wings 1
Firm Believer 1
The Towers Of Indignity
Traipsing Through
My Mirror
Truth Is
Scrolling Up and Down 1
Landscape Waltz
Same Old Story
More Fresh Lies
Did They Hand Out Happiness?
More Than The Truth (In Short)
More Reasons To Remember
To Be Continued 92
If You Open It
You Couldn't Possibly Know
Notions of The Complex Mind
Only For My Loneliness 1
Party Mode Medley
Deals With Daylight
Sleep Songs
Intermittent Transmissions of Delirium
Lost Eyes, Lost Skies