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I am 16. Living in Jakarta, Indonesia (it's in Asia). Just ended my IGCSE or the O Level. The thing is that I LOVE Literature with all those poems and plays. I love to read, especially poems and horror (for novels), but I just don't read enough. From my Literature class I've chosen my own favourite poems like, 'Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner' - Coleridge. 'Caged Bird' - Maya Angelou and 'Stealing' - Carol ann Duff. Basically because poems make my heart able to say what I feel or even hear cries of the world. Besides writing poems, I've been writing couple of songs too. Hope you guys love my writings and pls put comments on them. Thanks...
Poem title Voter rating Comments
The Hospital 8.51
Smile is all I want 1
Having You From Him 2
Your adorable heart 1
Theme of the unfinished feeling... 1
Every glace and stare I want 82
You??? I??? Who cares!! 1
Taking Hold 3
Dear Diary 95
Melody of a Clock 1
Take it all, but not this one 1
Me? 71
Love at First Sight 91
Alone 3
Am I in Love With YOU? 2