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Hey my name is TayTay bka "Broken Sonnnet". I'm 15 and I find my poetry a way to excape form the realities of everyday life. Even though I know that I cant escape, its nice to have a way that is close to it. My poems are real, and so are the experiences expressed in them. My feelings are expressed through these poems and they are deep. They come from ME, "Broken Sonnet". But there is one thing that I need from you, your feedback. Tell me what you think. I dont care how harsh it is.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
You'll Never Know 1
If I couldn't be with you 1
Because I want to 3
The New Cycle 1
How can I believe(stopped believing) 1
You don't really care 1
How do you fall out of love? 91
Safe and Sound 1
Baby I love you
Love 1
A "Dead Poet" 2
Friendship 3
Aborted 3
Never (Losing a Baby) 94
My Last Breath!!! 82