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HeHeHe....Well I'm mE. I'm so blONde. Peeps call me Flipp Cuz they say I'm a FlIpP meaning I'm craziI, as soon as ppl think they got me figured out I change to someONE new, and I say ''fliPPin'' a lot. I emphasize weird on LetterS and stuFF like capitalizing and SPellINg. I'm really RANDOM and talk about pointLESS thingS. And I'm somewhat dEprEssEd. And right now I'm in a SUPRISingly good mOOd. I admit I am a CUTter. It's an addiction and IDK you can judge ME by it if you wAnT. But I'm still Me. I'm really bloNDE and my bRAIN doesn't FUNctioN properly half the TIME. so yea thts me. Like IT or nOt. I AM who I AM and I leaRNed the hard way not to change for any ONE persON.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
"....Falling...." 1
Can't 2
Be AlonE 1
My GuarDian AngEL,,,, 91
SuiCidE lOvE 72
ThiS iS Me
PrEttY GirL,,,,SiLLy bOy 1
Selfless, Helpless, Pittyless 1
What's The Point...??? 1
So Close 5
How You Wanted Me 1