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Just thought it would be nice to know some tidbits about me
before you read some of my poee-it-tree.

So hello..
My name is Jill.
I'm 17.
My username is Sparklehorse named after a band i like.
I honestly am not much for poetry.
Except for John Keats.
He's bloody brilliant.
Poetry just feels so distant.
And umm i dont really like deciphering subliminal meanings.
But I guess that doesn't mean shit.
Because I still write and read poetry anyway.
Posted: 2005-02-07 21:06:23 UTC

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2005-05-04 16:51:20wishing_on_stars
nice to meet you and can't wait to read some of your poetry.

2005-06-13 01:46:28Loreleen

2006-06-26 04:59:12User
Emmm...eeerrr...hi..hi..nice knowing you and I look forward to your poems..