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Some days i wonder why, I am here. 
Many people i know have died and things are crazy 
Driving me to look for people that have slit their wrist 
Just because they're having a crappy life and there is no
other way of doing it. 
People wonder who I am. 
People wonder what things lead me. 
People need Jesus. 
People need Love 
Someday i will live in a world where no one knows what
slitting is.
Somedays i wonder how my life can change because of those
people i know who slit their wrists, in attempt of suicide
because "no-one" loves them. 
They don't need to slit their wrists because they need to
know how much people love them. 
The only person that it matters that they love them is jesus
because jesus loves everyone no matter whether they believe
or not, he still loves them he still knows everything about
People don't need to slit their wrists just because they
feel unloved because they aren't unloved. 
Posted: 2005-06-23 20:40:21 UTC

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2005-06-27 16:51:35perf3ct
I like what you say here. But its hard for people to have as great of a faith as you do. Sometimes slitting is the only way people know how to express themselves and it keeps them from doing something worse.

2006-11-09 15:05:55*Psychopathic Child*
i like this, its very intriguing but not all people do it because they feel unloved, they do it because they have no control over anything or the have some devastating events in there past and need something to take their mind off it. its very well written

2009-06-08 16:50:40Craney
You use no one quite often. Nevertheless, I feel some obscure rhyme in your poem some rythm. Good job.