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Posted: 2005-04-05 22:55:34 UTC
No one knows me
No one knows my name
No one says "hey whats wrong"
No one knows my yesterdays
No one knows my past
No one knows just how much... i can really take
No one knows just how much i hurt
No one takes the time to say are you alright
No one cares
No one just plain sucks
But i am a no one so it really does suck
When no one has the time to listen.
When no one can hear my/your cry.
why would they care
They just haven't listened to the cry of my heart
They just don't know how much pain they cause me.
They don't know that my heart is ripped out every derogatory term they speak towards me.
No one is listening to the way my life is.
No one has been there through the worst times.
No one has loved me.
No one has been paying attention to the things that hold me down.
No one loves me for who i am.
No one was there
No one but god.

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2005-04-07 13:42:48tink
Very good! I can totally relate, I have been there as well. If you need to talk you can reach me at [email protected]

2005-04-24 23:38:29tangerine.kidd
^.^love the poem. i felt as if i could relate so much...its was very well written.

2005-05-14 03:26:38wishing_on_stars
This poem leaves me speechless, because I know exactly what it's like. It's hard to tell people what I've been through because I'm afraid they'll run away. But I know God will never run away, for he's the one that helped me.

2006-01-26 16:31:50egyptian_girl
I just love it! gd work