Death: A Sestina, by The Irish Child Subscribe to rss feed for The Irish Child

So many years have seemed to fade
Blurry memories of the past
I revisit you in my mind, dwelling upon your face
Now, wrinkles take over, and skin hangs over your bones
As death conquers you and your body
And you slowly become put to rest

God, you know we are blest to be left with the rest
Of what we have but soon too will fade
We will only have a memory of skeletons from the body
We knew as young and agile from the past.
The sickness spreads through her bones
Silent tears roll down our ghostly pale face

Why does death seem so hard to face?
We at last will be at rest
There will be no need for bones
There will be no pain as we slowly fade
We look for answers in the past
But we look at the retreating soul that is trapped in an age
worn body

Our desire, our love, our mother, her body
Leaves no emotion in her face
What we have come to know has past
In God we believed she is finally at rest
Peace, rest assured, your love will never fade
away. But how long must we think about your old bones?

Through her skin, I can feel her bones
I can see her deteriorating body
struggle to slowly fade.
I can see the slight smile on her face
As we say our Good-bye’s and put her to rest
We look at photos and remember the past

It’s no use looking and dwelling in the past
We’ll remember more than her cancer worn bones
Hopefully our hearts will be put to rest
As we remember the woman who once had this body
We’ll remember the expressions on her face
But now, they seem to fade

People will fade, they will become out past
The indention of her face, outlined her bones
The life worn body had an angelic face
Posted: 2006-03-04 16:21:58 UTC

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2006-03-30 01:45:00Daphne
This poem is unique, equipped with the same last words of each paragraph...good poem written!