we both have our fears, by ♥breauna♥ Subscribe to rss feed for ♥breauna♥

                     You cut && smile.
                     I watch in fear.
               The blood runs down your arm.
                   We sat there a while.
              I look at the pain in your eyes.
               You look at the fear in mine.
                   Everything is qiuet.
             Because of the adventure to die...
            Weeks go by w/ not even one look....
                  I'll look towards you. 
                  you'll be lookin back.
    Then, to hide the tears, we cover our faces w/ a book.
        Few more weeks go by, && we break into tears.
                  We both say we're sorry.
                  We won't fight no more.
    but u know, we both know, we both have our fears...
Posted: 2007-01-29 04:32:54 UTC

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2006-01-21 16:26:20love nothing >>--
is this about us? its so true...u dont know how many tymes i almost yelled hey or nannarface or something...