Paralysis, by Faith Subscribe to rss feed for Faith

The words flow
from his lips 
like water.



Biting to the bone.

They strip away skin,
tearing through 
to the heart--
now frozen.



While the tears fall--
surprisingly hot
against the chill 
that crashes like a wave
through every muscle--
to the ground.

And he walks away
leaving a wall of winter
in his wake.

No backwards glances.

No second thoughts.

Posted: 2009-10-09 07:25:38 UTC

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2005-11-08 16:12:44Faith
--I originally wrote this poem in a different format, but didn't like it. So, after fiddling around with the structure and adding words here & there, this is the finished product.--

2005-11-14 06:57:00bedazzled
I like this it's very powerful just one tip - paralysed not paralized :)

2005-11-17 22:43:34Faith
--Thanks bedazzled, i fixed it! See... *points up at poem*--

2005-11-19 17:04:11Kalie
wow...this is a really amazing poem

2006-01-26 21:38:14 Kirsty (living in the light)
I am liking it. Its cool. So powerful it echoes through you. I must say you are brilliant at poetry. You are an amazing person not me

2006-02-22 19:35:27lost the lonely dead
i read paralized first but both are good and i see why you said they went together...i hate it when people in our lives do things like this whether they mean to or not...and i know in a few ways ive done the deadly deed myself

2008-02-03 02:38:48Dark Neko
Oh my gosh, I love this! Very very well done. Thank you for all your comments on my poems. Here's a 9.