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Hey, I wrote this one when I got fed up with some people.
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They want you to be
something you're not
they ask your opinion
and put you on the spot.
They can see right through you
if you're not "one of them"
they will talk about you
but then be your best friend.
In front of your face
they're as sweet as can be
you don't want to be an outcast
so you pretent, you see.
You put on that perkiness
and that fake smile
you make fun of people
who don't have the same style.
You ditch your old friends
you but the right clothes
you gossip right along with them
your hair has a big white bow.
When inside there's a struggle
there's a battle you dont see
all you're doing if faking
you're not being what God wants you to be.
Yeah, they'll talk
yeah, they'll laugh
but they're just insecure 
about the life they have.
So if you've never had advise
take this from me
being in a clique
isnt what its cracked up to be.
Be yourself
and have good friends
who love you dearly
till the very end.
They'll help you with problems
they wont make fun of your shoes
but most importantly
they will love you for you!

By: Becca Case
Posted: 2005-06-12 03:54:14 UTC

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2005-10-30 19:20:31
my god ur good girrl, u write so well