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I let myself be pushed to the limit
I don't try to do anything about it
I never say a word 
I sit quietly and take it

A lot of things bother me
Things that no one knows about
I think its best to not bother anyone
So I'm trapped in my own hell

I am always sad
Nothing makes me happy anymore
There is nothing anyone can say or do
Yet I do nothing to change my life

As I sit here and think about my life
I know there are others that aren't as fortunate as me
I sit and wallow in my own self pity
I'm not thankful for all the good things I have

Posted: 2008-01-07 05:18:27 UTC

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2008-01-10 18:09:29Sheila
Why? What a wonderful question to ask ones self. Once you start asking that question of yourself.That means you're on way to changing your life. Never stop asking yourself why. Once you do you stop examining your life.Thus, meaning you stop growing as a person.

2008-02-01 18:54:20Lydia
i used to feel like this, i still do sometimes...good poem