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August 14,2007

God you were there for me
to carry me through.  I never
realized it until I went through
so many trials.  You have shown
me the way evern though it has 
been a struggle to find you.  You
were my hero through the storms.
At times it felt as though I 
would not survive you held 
my heart to make me realize things.
Thank you God for being my friend
when I was alone you were there.  I may
not have seen you but you answered my prayers.
I see it now.  I have not been as faithful as I should
so lord I will try my hardest to walk the way I should and
still be me.  Sometimes I fall short of what I should be
Posted: 2007-08-15 01:16:27 UTC

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2007-09-24 02:50:15 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
A very beautiful poem and offering of praise. great work.